February 1st 2010

More White House Visitors

Last Friday, the White House released another set of visitor logs, the second release of a full dataset in what they promise to be an ongoing series. 

As has been the case with the first two limited releases and the first full data release, we are again mining the data to see what knowledge we can extract from it.

But first, the usual disclaimers:

  1. Due to the biased nature of released visitor data pre-September 15 (see here), our analysis is limited only to visitor records from September 16 forward. (update: I neglected to mention that we have removed visitors to the Vice President's residence, because the records come with virtually no data, as well as White House tour participants that come through the Visitor Center.) 
  2. Even then, the dataset we are working with is not completely thorough; the White House does reserve the right to withhold individual level visitor data for either national security, or confidentiality reasons.

In this go around, our analysis is focused on September 16-October 31.  Basic frequency tables of the most frequent visitor, most frequently visited, and the most frequent meeting pair are available for viewing here, and you can find a visualization of the data in the form of a phrase net at the bottom of this piece. (See our previous analyses for a detailed description regarding how to read this visualization).

Most Frequent Visitor (tie at 41 visits)
Anna E. Bartosiewicz: Staff Member at Touchstone SRA
Elizabeth Vale: Executive Director of the WH Business Council

Most Frequent Visitee (169 meetings)

Sadly, the most frequent visitor appears again to be the anonymous “Andrew.”  TargetPoint identified this error in the first full data release and it has not yet been fixed.  Andrew is given as the last name of the person visited at the White House a stunning 169 times during this month and a half period.  In just a handful of these instances, the caller’s last name is also listed as Andrew, with first name Ron or Ronald.  A search for Ronald Andrew reveals nothing and the White House staffer salary database has no one with that name.

After Andrew, the most frequently visited person in the White House is Larry Summers, Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, with 124 meetings.

Most Frequent Meeting Combination (37 meetings)
Anna E. Bartosiewicz, meeting with Vivek Kundra, Chief Information Office of the United States.

- Alex Lundry

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