Brian Kind is Target Point’s National Director of Geo-Strategic Analytics and oversees the operations of its Office of National Geo-Strategic Analytics in Madison, Wisconsin.  Brian is a long time Wisconsin data strategist having served with the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the campaigns of Governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.  In addition he has provided support for a variety of state and local races.

Brian’s experience is in the development and management of voter support and turnout modeling and the subsequent definition, creation, and analysis of voter targets with an eye toward maximizing campaign efficiency in isolating and reaching actionable universes.  In particular, Brian has worked extensively in hybrid modeling that seeks to incorporate non-traditional geographical segments with more traditional demographic, consumer and related data.

In recent years, Brian has taken a leading role in the development of a highly successful modeling program that has yielded concentrated and accurate GOP and Swing universe contact lists in a State that does not have party registration.  That program accurately predicted Wisconsin’s 2014 Gubernatorial race within 1% , the 2016 US Senate race by 1.2% , and the 2016 US Presidential Race in Wisconsin by 0.1%.

Prior to his political work, Brian had a small computer consulting business which focused on office automations and database creation and administration.   He is a 1991 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a B.S. in Economics and Political Science. Brian, his wife, and two kids, live in Waunakee Wisconsin.

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