The Media Can’t See the Forest For the Trees

By February 24, 2017Uncategorized

The Washington Post ran a piece on Friday criticizing White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus for highlighting that many components of President Trump’s agenda are broadly popular, despite what the media would have you believe. As with most coverage in 2017, the media still seems to be unable to grasp the political realities that rebuked Hillary Clinton and the media establishment and put Mr. Trump in the White House.

President Trump has perceived that Americans have grown tired of the endless cycles of outrage created by the media, and that is why he is at his best when he communicates directly to voters about the issues that matter to them. When you look beyond the daily ups and downs of media coverage and job approval polling, the President continues to connect with a broad coalition of voters on issues that actually affect their daily lives.

Of the three agenda items the Mr. Priebus highlighted – the nomination of Conservative judges, getting tougher on illegal immigration, and reducing the burdens of a complex tax code and regulations – recent survey research by TargetPoint Consulting has shown that only 4% of Americans oppose all three of these actions, while about 40% support all three. Overall, 69% of voters either support President Trump’s agenda or think that he should be given a chance to be successful.

The media establishment needs to take a step back and listen to the American people. If they do not, they risk their own credibility and risk alienating the millions of people supporting the President’s agenda.

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