MicroTargeting a Modern Campaign

By July 13, 2013Expert Opinions

Today’s edition of Roll Call featured a front-page article about Indiana Senator Dick Lugar’s 2012 reelection campaign. Senator Lugar, who will face a tough primary opponent during his bid, came to TargetPoint for help with microtargeting. At a fundraiser last week, Senator Lugar had no hesitations mentioning his new strategy to constituents:

Microtargeting a Modern Campaign

Lugar explained to the crowd gathered in the sweltering barn that his campaign is using “microtargeting” for the first time, describing it as process used to “define who the electorate is.” It’s part of just five minutes he spent talking about his re-election during the 40-minute speech.

Campaign professionals have used microtargeting for at least a decade. But the Senator’s unfamiliarity with the topic illustrates just how long it’s been since Lugar has had to run a tough campaign: 1982.

As a major part of modern campaigns, politicians can use microtargeting not only to “define who the electorate is,” but also help focus GOTV strategies, determine what issues motivate voters, refine persuasion efforts, decide messengers and messages, and more. During the 2012 primary and general election season, the candidates who best employ microtargeting to understand the electorate will have an indispensable advantage.

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