As Director of Business Development at TargetPoint, Molly works with the entire team to identify and cultivate new business opportunities and strategic partnerships across the political, corporate, and advocacy spheres. Molly brings over fifteen years of experience in politics, strategy, and management to her role at TargetPoint.

Most recently, Molly served as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Republican National Committee for the 2018 cycle. During both the 2014 and 2016 cycles Molly served as the Deputy Political Director at the RNC. In that role she managed the committees’ political budget, guided the day to day operations of the political department, and helped oversee the largest and most data driven political field team in the history of the committee. She worked closely with RNC, state party, and campaign leadership on messaging, strategy, and resource deployment that lead to historic victories in the House and Senate in both 2014 and 2016, as well as President Trump’s successful 2016 election. During the 2012 cycle, Molly served as the Florida State Director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in both the primary and general election efforts. In addition to her work in Florida, Molly managed Governor Romney’s primary victories in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Molly has served in multiple State Victory roles throughout the country, including Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan and Wisconsin, and was part of the Florida team for Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential primary campaign. Molly began her career in politics in 2004 at the Ohio Republican Party, serving as the 72 Hour Director in Hamilton County for President Bush’s reelection efforts. Molly will continue to deploy her expertise in leadership, messaging, and strategy in her new role here at TargetPoint.

Molly attended Xavier University where she majored in International Affairs and History and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

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