Are Olympians that medal more likely to vote?

Olympic fever is strong here at TargetPoint. We’re following all sorts of sports, from the most popular ones (who doesn’t love swimming and gymnastics) to the lesser known (modern pentathalon is a sport and it is fascinating). But, most of all, we’re rooting for Team USA and couldn’t resist bring our bread and butter of voter analysis to the Rio Games.

We took a look at this list of USA’s top 25 athletes heading into Rio. It includes some of the biggest names of the Rio Games, like Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, and Michael Phelps.

We were able to confirm at least two-thirds of them are registered to vote.

Of those that are registered to vote, only 38 percent voted in the 2012 general election (some were too young to vote). But, two-thirds of those voters are Olympic gold medalists. Only one of these top Olympians voted in the 2014 general election – and that Olympian is also a gold medalist.

And finally we see that Olympic medalists are 14 points more likely to turnout than non-medalists.

Olympians' Turnout Likelihood

So the lesson here? If Olympians want to medal, they should probably also remember to vote.


By Kaylin Bugos

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