The Winning Electoral Strategy

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Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight, in part six of his post-2016 election analysis, examines how the Clinton Campaign and the media could have overlooked the electoral strategy that catapulted Donald Trump to the White House.  The dynamic strategy was borne out of a close relationship between TargetPoint, Causeway Solutions, the RNC data team, and the Trump Campaign, with senior decision makers from each organization coming together to map out the winning formula.  Silver sums it up in his conclusion as follows:

“Conversely, Trump’s data team wasn’t likely to get a lot of credit from the media almost no matter what it did. With rare exception, reporters tended to portray Trump’s Electoral College strategy as being whimsical and haphazard, even when it was doing some pretty smart things. That may have helped Trump’s team to shut out the noise and maximize its candidate’s chances of winning the election.”


Donald Trump Had A Superior Electoral College Strategy

How Hillary Clinton and the media missed the boat.

By Nate Silver

Published Feb 6, 2016

View the full article Here


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