Alex Gage helped found TargetPoint in 2003 and continues to advise TargetPoint on how best to maximize opportunities in a way that inspires creativity and forward thinking. He promotes and encourages innovation and a culture that reflects TPC’s values of change and innovation.  Gage also looks to identify potential strategic business partnerships that will help expand TargetPoint’s products and services while ensuring that TargetPoint is ahead of the technology curve.

Previous Work:
Gage began his career at Market Opinion Research (MOR) in the political division which was headed by Robert M. Teeter during the 1976 campaign for President Gerald R. Ford. He was a senior vice president of MOR’s political group when he and other senior MOR managers left the firm in 1989 to launch Market Strategies Inc. Over the years Market Strategies emerged as a major market research firm and by 2003, the company had grown from 6 partners to a team of over 170 senior consultants and researchers and over 400 staff making it the 19th largest research company in the U.S. with annual revenues of $40 million. In 2003, Gage left MOR and founded TargetPoint Consulting, Inc.

A native of Detroit Michigan, Gage graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in political science and attended graduate school at Wayne State University. In 2007, Gage took a leave of absence from TPC and served as director of the Romney for President, Inc. strategy team.


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