What makes TargetPoint unique?

CUSTOMIZATION: each client and each research project is custom designed for our clients at every stage. From initial budgets and project design to final deliverables and presentations TargetPoint employees a collaborative approach that maximizes every projects values for our clients.

DEDICATION TO QUALITY: we pride ourselves on gathering the highest quality data and presenting that data in concise, professional best in class deliverables. We are continually innovating our practices in order to utilize the best sampling and data collection techniques and methodologies to provide the highest quality data at the best price.

COMMITMENT TO YOU: not only will we provide you with the highest quality applicable analysis, but we are also committed to helping you share this data both within your organization and to the rest of the world as appropriate. We will be there to help enhance understanding of the research you have invested in, provide recommendations on research-based action items, and provide additional consulting and recommendations as beneficial to you. We also pride ourselves on the ability to integrate with your team of professionals including communications staff, creative talent, community and legislative outreach teams and other key stakeholders.

TargetPoint Consulting provides innovative research solutions, and advanced information and customer management programs to an incredibly diverse array of clients in electoral politics, public affairs and corporate America. We deliver swift and effective results through our work, which transcends the worlds of CampaignsCauses, Corporate Advocacy, and Customers.


We have worked in 49 of the 50 states with candidates with aims ranging from the Mayor’s Office to the Oval Office. We’ve provided advanced and strategic solutions to campaigns for George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, among others.


We are increasingly available to a wide variety of philanthropic, educational and public service efforts, raising awareness of important parts of our economy and on issues such as education, innovation and national service funding.

Corporate Advocacy

Our portfolio of offerings is ever-evolving to meet the needs of a diverse clientele of industry leaders, major trade associations, ad hoc and long running coalitions and private companies. Major energy companies such as API have turned to us to help them address challenges and opportunities with solid research solutions.


We apply new and innovative ways to help entrepreneurs and corporations better understanding their marketplaces and target their customers to improve sales of their products and services. Our range of service is always expanding to meet the needs of our customers as well as potential clients.


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