TargetPoint Consulting is a full-service public opinion and market research firm committed to employing the best of both tradition and innovation to deliver customized research insights for your company, candidate, or cause. Our team is led by veteran public affairs and political professionals, statistical experts, experienced focus group moderators, and respected analysts.

Surveys and Polling Services

While grounded in the classic science of public opinion research, we are committed to constantly innovating and finding new solutions for data collection and we pride ourselves in our diverse quantitative research services. Our methods include live-operator telephone and cell phone surveys, online and mobile survey technology as well as fully internet-based survey research. We also believe that there is a time and place for automated data collection methods that help us conduct survey work to meet client budgets, while still providing accuracy and insights.

Our goal is to provide you with accurate data and clear insights that can help you make important decisions. We provide world-class analysis and deliverables along with strategic recommendations to support your entire enterprise’s goals.

Ad and Communications Testing

We offer online advertisement testing to ensure clients are using the most effective messages to meet their objectives. We provide analysis among key audiences to help you best determine the most effective marketing communications and can also offer insights on how to tweak or improve the message.

This extends beyond testing traditional television advertisements and can be applied to digital presentations, mail pieces, radio, and even telephone scripts.

Focus Groups and Executive Interviews

Through our qualitative research services, we offer both in-person facility and online focus groups as well as in-person field focus groups conducted where your target audience lives, not where it is convenient for us to conduct a focus group. We will work directly with you to ensure that each focus group is carefully designed in a way that guarantees we gather high quality information so that you can make informed decisions.

For facility-based groups, we partner with state-of-the-art facilities to provide you with a comfortable viewing experience.

Online focus groups are another great way to gather useful information about your target group. We have partnered with online vendors that make the online focus group experience seamless and informative so that you can know how best to reach your desired audience.

Similar to our focus groups, executive interviews are a great method used to understand how leaders in a community are feeling about specific issues. We will identify and recruit these individuals to meet your specifications and then conduct thorough one-on-one interviews either in person, by phone, or using video technology.


Our firm houses the best and brightest experts in their fields, which allows us to deliver our clients advanced solutions to political, policy, and business challenges.  Our passion for providing innovative solutions to our clients is driven by the variety and depth of our expertise and experience of our people.

We come from the worlds of survey research, communications, political science, advanced analytics statistics, and political campaign management. The expertise and experience of our people are the foundations for true creativity and innovative client solutions.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your campaign or business goals.

Big Data Services

TargetPoint Consulting was the original pioneer of Big Data in politics – providing MicroTargeting, Consumer, and Voter Scores and other analytical services.  We have recently merged these Big Data Analytics, MicroTargeting, and Voter Scoring teams and capabilities with the tremendous talents and resources of Deep Root Analytics. To find out more about how Big Data, Microtargeting, VoterScoring, and moving towards an audience centric approach can revolutionize your company or campaign, please visit the website of our partner firm Deep Root Analytics.


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