TargetPoint Consulting is a full-service public opinion and market research firm committed to employing the best of tradition and innovation to deliver customized research insights for your company, candidate, or cause. Our team is led by veteran public affairs and political professionals, statistical experts, experienced focus group moderators, and respected analysts.

MicroTargeting & TPC Scoring

We pioneered work in MicroTargeting, combining massive databases with enhanced consumer information and our large sample survey research to solve basic problems in a more advanced way.

MicroTargeting became part of the political lexicon after President George W. Bush deployed our services for his successful 2004 campaign. Since that time, we have remained the leading provider of services for Republican candidates, right of center organizations, and hosts of corporate and association clients.

The next generation of MicroTargeting, our TPC Scoring System, is an analytics, targeting and metrics infrastructure that serves as the backbone of strategic decision-making and uses sophisticated analytical and modeling tools that are highly accurate and extremely flexible. Using this system, our scores can provide key information underlying political, financial and targeting decisions in all spaces including voters, influentials, customers, prospects and jury selection.

Our TPC Scoring System evolves from the segmentations of MicroTargeting to an integrated, constantly-evolving system of prediction and optimization, and is setting the standard for Republican data and analytics.

Public Opinion Research

We provide traditional public opinion polling and focus group research, as well as innovative research solutions, advanced information and customer management.

Through our qualitative research services, we offer both in-person and online focus groups. In both cases, we will find and locate a specific population or location to meet your requirements. With our field focus group offering, we will come to your location, allowing you more convenience and flexibility. You provide the specifications, we do the legwork.

Our quantitative research services make use of diverse methods of information collection through traditional telephone and cell phone surveys, and through online and mobile technology, including internet survey research and web-based focus groups.

Although often abused, we also believe that there is a time and place for interactive voice response (IVR) and other automated data collection methods. Due to our extensive development of improved IVR methodology, we have developed proprietary techniques to leverage the low cost of IVR while minimizing its downsides, allowing us to apply IVR techniques alone or in concert with other modes to reduce client costs while maintaining accuracy.


Using innovative technology, we transform data into information, knowledge and solutions.

Through our analytics technology, we can generate contact or target lists for online, in-person, phone and mail programs, allowing for fully integrated and coordinated communication efforts.

We can also translate input from the proprietary client data, field data and paid ID work into solid performance metrics; provide data for election projections and simulations; geo-prioritize maps and metrics to find the locations with the greatest potential ROI; optimize the most efficient and scalable target universes; create Ideological heat mapping of target audiences for visualization, and much more.


Our firm houses the best and brightest experts in their fields, who allow us to deliver our clients advanced solutions to political, policy and business challenges.

Our passion for providing innovative solutions to our clients is driven by the variety and depth of our expertise and experience of our people.

We come from the worlds of survey research, communications, database management, political science, advanced analytics statistics, and political campaign management.

The expertise and experience of our people are the foundations for true creativity and innovative client solutions.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your campaign or business goals.

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