Our passion for providing innovative solutions to our clients is driven by the variety and depth of our expertise and experience of our people. We come from the worlds of survey research, communications, database management, political science, advanced analytics statistics and political campaign management. The expertise and experience of our people are the foundations for true creativity and innovative client solutions.

Interested in an internship with us?  TPC offers paid internships during the Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Email us your resume, a writing sample and cover letter telling us why you think you would be a good fit.

Michael Meyers

Partner & President

As President of TargetPoint, Michael helps guide the company and maintains a broad range of political and corporate clients. Michael’s past political clients include several presidential campaigns including, most recently, Mitt Romney; Senators Portman, Burr, and Toomey; Governors Corbett, Deal, and Christie; key congressional campaigns including, most recently, Kristi Noem; and ballot campaigns such as the Clean Affordable Renewable Energy initiative in Michigan and Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Constitution. While at TargetPoint, Michael has also worked with a number of corporate and association clients including Wal-Mart, AT&T, Magnolia Pictures / 2929 Entertainment and a number of energy related clients such as DTE / Detroit Edison and the American Petroleum Institute.

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Alicia Downs


As a principal at TargetPoint, Downs has worked with political and corporate clients across the country on strategic voter contact efforts that employ analytics to effectively and efficiently deploy their resources. Downs’ clients include over one hundred statewide and congressional races, three presidential campaigns, right to work, 2nd amendment, climate change and marriage equality efforts.

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Brent Seaborn


While at TargetPoint, Brent has worked on several presidential campaigns including, most recently, Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign. Brent has also worked on MicroTargeting and direct contact efforts for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, National Republican Committee, Senator John Thune, and several key Texas congressional races.

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Alexander P. Gage


Alex Gage helped found TargetPoint in 2003 and continues to advise TargetPoint on how best to maximize opportunities in a way that inspires creativity and forward thinking. He promotes and encourages innovation and a culture that reflects TPC’s values of change and innovation.  Gage also looks to identify potential strategic business partnerships that will help expand TargetPoint’s products and services while ensuring that TargetPoint is ahead of the technology curve.

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Nick Starn

Director of Client Management

As Director of Client Management, Nick is involved in managing – at both a strategic and operational level – many of the company’s key functions.

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Brian Kind

National Director of Geo-Strategic Analytics

Brian Kind is Target Point’s National Director of Geo-Strategic Analytics and oversees the operations of its Office of National Geo-Strategic Analytics in Madison, Wisconsin.  Brian is long time Wisconsin data strategist having served with the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the campaigns of Governor Scott Walker and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson.  In addition he has provided support for a variety of state and local races.

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Matthew Knee

Chief Data Scientist

As the Chief Data Scientist, Matt develops techniques for targeting voters, choosing messages, allocating resources, measuring campaign efforts, and predicting outcomes.  Matt works with clients to develop custom solutions that bridge the gap between raw probabilities and strategic action.

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Sam Artley

Research Staff Director

As the Research Staff Director at TargetPoint, Sam works with several of TPC’s clients. She works with our survey research and MicroTargeting results to discover data analytics that are useful to our clients for their political, business, or organizational goals. Using these insights she is also the main architect of our data visualizations.

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Macy Cambio

Senior Data Analyst and Project Director

As a Senior Data Analyst and Project Director Macy manages the political polling and survey research process for many of our clients. Using our MicroTargeting results she works to create target universes to meet various goals, and manages and upkeeps databases for our clients. She works with a variety of clients including national and federal level campaigns.

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David Fetters

Senior Research and Data Analyst

As a Senior Research and Data Analyst at TargetPoint, David leverages statistical and analytical tools to develop actionable information for political and corporate clients.  He uses his experience working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help spot relationships and trends between data and the local communities that the data represents.

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Kaylin Bugos

Senior Data Analyst

As a Senior Data Analyst at TargetPoint, Kaylin works on voter scoring projects, mainly for the Republican National Committee, producing metrics, universes, data visualizations, and other analytics to assist campaigns in data-driven decision-making.

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Meaghan McKenna

Senior Data Analyst

Meaghan interned with TargetPoint while finishing her degree and was brought on in spring of 2016 as a Data Analyst. She spends her time coordinating between our internal teams to provide critical database and analytical support with our internal and client deliverables. She aids the team in the MicroTargeting and Voter Scoring process, helps analyze our public opinion and MicroTargeting results, and works to maintain and support our autodial polling and processes.


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McKenna Erickson

Research Project Director

As a Research Project Director at TargetPoint, Mckenna uses data analytics with our survey research projects.  She also works to create data visualizations to display our research findings.

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Colin Pitts

Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst at TargetPoint, Colin Pitts consolidates data points into finished products for clients.  He uses presentation methods and hands on techniques to provide clients the information they need, quickly and efficiently.

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Joshua Cooper

Executive Assistant and Research Analyst

As an executive assistant and research analyst at TargetPoint, Josh provides administrative support, works closely with clients in setting agendas, and compiles various research and deliverables for clients.

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Nick Bolger

Research Analyst

As a Research Analyst at TargetPoint Nick uses data analytics to ensure clients have the correct information to make informed decisions.

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