TargetPoint Consulting, Deep Root Analytics, and the Future of Public Opinion Research

By April 2, 2020To The Point

TargetPoint Consulting, Deep Root Analytics, and the Future of Public Opinion Research

As the businesses of America strive to press forward during these difficult times, so do we at TargetPoint.

As we look to brighter days ahead, we are excited to announce the merger of two great teams—TargetPoint Consulting will be merging our Big Data Analytics, MicroTargeting and Voter Scoring teams and capabilities with the tremendous talents and resources of Deep Root Analytics. Together these teams will create a single audience-powered analytics company that will transform the way clients create, acquire, understand, and utilize data to reach their customized audiences and individuals. This joint company will operate under the Deep Root brand and will be led on a day to day basis by Sara Fagen – current CEO of Deep Root. TargetPoint partners Alicia Downs, Brent Seaborn, and Michael Meyers will be joining the Deep Root Board of Directors while continuing to play active roles as TargetPoint partners and in servicing our clients.

Michael Meyers will remain as the President of TargetPoint Consulting and Brent and Alicia will continue in their roles as partners at TargetPoint. TargetPoint will now focus exclusively on providing the next generation of public opinion measurement through surveys, focus groups, and various other quantitative and qualitative tools. We continue to support our clients’ needs to find innovative solutions to their challenges by combining the best of tradition and innovation to deliver customized research insights for companies, candidates, and causes. The TargetPoint team will continue to be led by veteran public affairs and political professionals, statistical experts, experienced focus group moderators, and respected analysts.

TargetPoint clients will see no interruption in their services during this time and we look forward to reconnecting with old friends and forging new relationships as we move forward committed to three standards of excellence:
• DEDICATION TO QUALITY: We gather the highest quality data and present that data in concise, professional, best in class presentations and materials. We will continually innovate our practices in order to utilize the best sampling and data collection techniques and methodologies to provide the highest quality data at the best price.
• CUSTOMIZATION: Each client and each research project will be custom designed for our clients at every stage. From initial budgets and project design to final deliverables and presentations, TargetPoint will employ a truly collaborative approach that maximizes every project’s value for our clients.
• COMMITMENT: We are committed to helping clients share their insights both within their organization and to the rest of the world as appropriate. We will be there to help enhance understanding of their research, provide recommendations on next steps and long-term action items, and provide on-going assistance and recommendations. We also pride ourselves in the ability to integrate with teams of professionals across the political, corporate, association, and non-profit landscape including communications staff, creative talent, community and legislative outreach teams, and other key stakeholders.

As proud as we are of what the future holds, we also want to express our gratitude to all the employees of TargetPoint who have served our clients so well for more than 15 years. We are very pleased that through this transition, every employee will either be joining the team at Deep Root or continuing their careers with TargetPoint.

We also want to acknowledge the contributions of our founding partner, Alex Gage, without whom neither TargetPoint nor Deep Root would exist.

Just as all of you have done over the past several weeks, TargetPoint Consulting has remained committed to keeping our operations fully functional, providing our friends and clients with the answers and insights they need, and keeping our employees and families safe. We are proud of our response over the last several weeks and we are also proud of how our clients have reacted. While transitioning to a full work-at-home operation over the past three weeks, we have fielded nearly a dozen studies and continue to provide important insights for our clients and have added a new staff member to the team to help us accomplish our goals.

Please let us know if you would like to talk further about how TargetPoint or Deep Root can help you answer your challenges and provide you the insights you need for success.


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