Immigration Compromise Is a Winning Strategy

Recently, Real Clear Policy published an op-ed piece from Michael Meyers, TargetPoint’s President, focusing on how the GOP base is ready to embrace a solution on immigration issues through compromise.

“During last week’s government funding debate, Democrats reportedly offered funding for additional border security in exchange for protections for Dreamers, who are young immigrants brought here illegally as children. Democrats’ willingness to make such a trade offers President Trump a potential opportunity to follow through on his promise to protect Dreamers and increase border security. The president would be wise to capitalize on it: New polling of Republicans, conservatives, and of Trump’s base of support clearly demonstrates his deal will be a winner for all involved.

We surveyed Republican and conservative-leaning Independent voters, as well as Trump Base Voters (defined as those who voted for Trump, approve of him today, voted Republican on the congressional ballot, and describe themselves as Republican). We found the president and congressional Republicans have much to gain, and remarkably little to lose, by passing legislation that bolsters border security and provides a fix for Dreamers. Our findings make a compelling case for congressional Republicans to support a compromise deal on immigration in the U.S. House and Senate — and for the president to lead the charge.   More than six out of seven Trump Base Voters support a three-part plan that would: 1) extend a wall along the southern border; 2) enhance border security overall; and 3) offer citizenship to Dreamers who meet certain requirements (such as enrolling in school or enlisting in the military).”

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View the full results of the National 2018 Immigration Survey here.


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