Comprehensive Survey on Israeli-Hamas War and Foreign Policy Issues

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On October 20, 2023, TargetPoint Consulting conducted the most comprehensive poll to date following the Hamas attack on Israel. The poll took a deep dive on public opinion measuring US support for Israel, and for potential Israeli and US responses, .

There is strong support for holding Hamas responsible for their actions. Voters express overwhelming support for a wide range of both US and Israeli diplomatic, economic and military responses.  Over half of Americans disagree with the pro-Hamas rallies happening around college campuses and 45% of voters agree that potential employers should be able to refuse job offers to students who have supported terror groups like Hamas.

While recent pro-Hamas protests and anti-Israel statements have made national headlines, voters overwhelmingly reject excusing Hamas or blaming Israel for the current war. Responding three days after the headlining al-Ahri hospital blast in Gaza, 83% blamed Hamas and their allies for any civilian casualties and only a small minority (18%) believed that Israel had caused the tragedy.

Voters across the political spectrum support a return to the hardline foreign policies put in place by the last Administration and reject the handling of the situation in the Middle East by both Presidents Obama and Biden. Meanwhile, TPC’s poll shows that Americans have very low confidence in the foreign policy of a hypothetical Harris administration, believing that the United States would appear weaker in the eyes of the world under a President Kamala Harris.

Click on this link to the article by the Washington Free Beacon for more highlights and our full topline results.


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