TargetPoint’s Campaign Ad Testing Wins 2021 Reed Award for Best New Research Technique

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We are proud to announce that we have won the 2021 Reed Award for Best New Research Technique for our High Volume and Rapid Insight Campaign Ad Testing. It is an honor to be recognized by Campaign and Elections for our work and we will continue this high level of excellence moving forward. We are also thrilled to have our work on COVID and opening the economy named a finalist for Innovation in Survey Research, and congratulations to Avalanche Insights for taking home this award.

What is Rapid Insight Advertisement Testing?
TargetPoint Consulting offers rapid insight online advertisement testing to ensure clients are using the most effective messages to meet their objectives, and we deliver these results with speed and accuracy! We provide you in depth analysis of your advertisement’s performance which helps you best determine the most effective marketing communications and we offer in depth insights on how to tweak or improve your message.

Using statistical analysis, we measure the effectiveness of the advertisements being tested to generate what we call the lift score. The higher the score the more effective the ad was at moving the target audience toward the desired outcome. Along with a key metric such as the lift score to drive decision making, we are able to perform our ad testing quickly and efficiently, allowing our clients to test a high volume of ads to ensure they are crafting the most effective message for their candidate or cause.

This ad testing service extends beyond testing traditional television advertisements and can be applied to digital presentations, mail pieces, radio, images, and even telephone scripts. TargetPoint was able to offer testing for Spanish Language television advertisements this past election cycle and test those advertisements effectiveness among Spanish speakers.

We can perform Single or Multi-Ad tests on many geographic levels (national, statewide, congressional district, etc.) and among key demographic groups and voter types. Whether you are looking to test ads among Suburban Women or Hispanic Voters, we have the ability to reach these audiences.

During the 2020 campaign cycle, TargetPoint tested and delivered results for over 300 advertisements. Please contact us to see how TargetPoint can elevate your campaign’s messaging now and moving into the 2022 election cycle.



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