January 27th 2015

TargetPoint Wins a Reed Award

Campaigns and Elections magazine recently awarded TargetPoint Consulting the prestigious Reed Award in the category of "Best Use of New Technology" for the RNC National Voter Scoring Project. TargetPoint is very proud of this achievement and of the work of all of our partners and colleagues.  

This program, designed for and with the RNC by TPC’s Brent Seaborn and Matt Knee, as well as Causeway Solutions' Bill Skelly, was the backbone of Republican efforts to regain superiority in the data space. Many major competitive races (and dozens of others) used this system, and it guided the RNC's voter contact efforts, resource allocation, metrics, and expectations.   








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January 14th 2015

Religion in Congress Compared to Regional Trends

With the arrival of the 114th Congress, new data was released describing the religious affiliations of its members. As the PEW report shows, 92% the members are Christian (57% as Protestant and 31% as Catholic). In terms of religious affiliation, most congressmen line up with their respective constituencies, but in greater percentages. For example, the Northeast has the highest percentage of Catholics than any other region (32%), and also the highest percentage of Catholic congressmen (57%). This PEW graphic below portrays this occurrence:


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November 10th 2014

Big Data and Voter Mobilization: Keys to Winning the 2014 Election

Targeting and mobilizing voters were important facets of this year's election. This WSJ article, titled "Election 2014: Results Show Limits of Big Data," discusses the efforts of Republican Party officials and consultants-including Brent Seaborn, managing partner at TPC-in turning out Republican voters. The program designed by Seaborn and the RNC helped to predict voter sentiment and inform campaigns on how to move forward. “The political team, to their credit, totally bought into the system and used the numbers for everything,” described Seaborn. The race in North Carolina was particularly close and definitely benefited from the work done by these data miners. And for those of you wondering, Matt Knee at TargetPoint is the unnamed data-cruncher predicting the NC win.

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November 7th 2014

MicroTargeting and the 2014 Elections—GOP Steps Up To the Occasion

After the exciting results from Tuesday night, it is clear that the Republican Party has exceeded expectations in modern-day data mining and microtargeting. The National Journal’s article “GOP Pierces Democratic Monopoly on Technology, Targeting, and Voter Mobilization” analyzes the work of the Republican National Committee and other contributors to these advanced GOTV methods. TargetPoint is very excited and proud of all the work it has done with the RNC during this cycle and in contributing to the success of the party. The National Journal article provides a comprehensive “behind the scenes” look at how the RNC utilized the innovations created by the TargetPoint and RNC partnership. The Republican Party is adapting rapidly with this new technology, and looking back on November 4th, it has obviously paid off.

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October 23rd 2014

Campaigns & Elections- The 2014 Influencers 50: Alex Lundry

Alex Lundry, Chief Data Scientist at TargetPoint and Co-founder of Deep Root Analytics, made this year’s list of the Influencers 50 in Campaigns & Elections. He is being recognized for his work in data mining and his innovation in the political media buying industry. He has helped to transform the way campaigns use television advertisements by targeting particular audiences, which has trimmed campaign costs by huge margins and has made political advertising more efficient. The article briefly highlights his background and applauds his success in the data analytics field. Congrats to Alex!


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How can I find and mobilize supporters of my cause?

TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a global energy company to help them identify and mobilize Long Island citizens in support of the development of a processing terminal off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

How do I find the votes I need to win?

In 2004, TargetPoint engaged with a United States Senate candidate who ran what many considered a “perfect” campaign for the United States Senate in 2002 – yet he came up a tiny handful of votes short.

How can I find people to join a grassroots membership organization?

TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a Fortune 25 company to help them identify and mobilize senior citizens who agreed with the company’s stance on various issues for communication, education and motivation.

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