July 9th 2015

Marriage Equality Op-Ed

With the recent Supreme Court decision on marriage equality, many fear that the ruling will lead to years of debates and public divides, similar to those seen following the Roe v. Wade case. However, data dismisses this comparison, showing an increased support for marriage equality in the past 10 years, even within the Republican party, while pro-life views haven't wavered.

Read the complete Op-Ed here from TPC's own, Samantha Artley.

May 29th 2015

TargetPoint Presidential Consideration Survey -Part 2


TargetPoint Consulting just finished analysis on a new survey of Republican Primary voters and their consideration of candidates. The study is the second one we have done (if you didn't see the February study, let us know) and we are now starting to identify trends. We hope to continue to do more of these types of surveys in the future.

At this point in the nomination process, surveys tend to generate more questions than answers; below are 8 we are looking at:

  1. Our February data suggested Marco Rubio was poised for a bounce. He got his bounce, has broad-based support, and looks to have room to grow – can he keep his momentum going and balance his coalition for a while longer?
  2. Scott Walker has slid back a little bit – will this dip continue or has he simply settled into his place among other top tier candidates.
  3. Jeb Bush is converting potential supporters at a high rate – can he keep up that level of loyalty? Or what happens when Jeb Bush gets his campaign fully under him and strings together a few good weeks in the press?
  4. Carly Fiorina has grown in candidate consideration – can she keep her announcement bump going and become a serious contender?
  5. Will a Chris Christie announcement give him the announcement bump that Walker, Rubio, and Fiorina found?
  6. Many of the candidates seem to have widespread support among the different voting coalitions – can they keep that broad appeal once the dialogue (and TV ads) heats up?
  7. Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson are each enjoying considerable support from diverse coalitions – can they continue this even if their campaigns get dwarfed by some of the biggest fundraisers?
  8. George Pataki was not certain to get in the race when we started this project – How many more people can possibly announce?

If you have answers to the questions above, if you have questions about the survey, if you want us to look at something specific – let us know.


See full analysis here. 

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March 23rd 2015

TargetPoint Recognized as Premiere Political Analytics Firm



The American Association of Political Consultants has awarded TargetPoint Consulting both the Gold and Bronze Pollie Awards for Best Use of Analytics, in recognition of our national RNC National Voter Scoring Project and the Mitch McConnell for Senate Voter Scoring Project.  This comes on the heels of our prestigious Campaigns and Elections magazine Reed Award in the category of "Best Use of New Technology" for the RNC National Voter Scoring Project.

We would also like to congratulate our many friends and colleagues we worked with this cycle who also received recognition at the Pollies  – especially Ward Baker at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Ashlee Rich at Just Win Strategies and Robert Blizzard at POS for their individual recognition. And we offer begrudgingly a deserved hat tip to our friends on the Democratic side including Ben Nuckels at Joe Slade White and Company.

TargetPoint is very proud of this achievement and of the work of all of our partners and colleagues.  Designed by TPC’s Brent Seaborn and Matt Knee, our Voter Scoring system was built for and with the RNC and adapted to the state level for the McConnell campaign, serving as the backbone of Republican efforts to regain superiority in the data space.

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January 27th 2015

TargetPoint Wins a Reed Award

Campaigns and Elections magazine recently awarded TargetPoint Consulting the prestigious Reed Award in the category of "Best Use of New Technology" for the RNC National Voter Scoring Project. TargetPoint is very proud of this achievement and of the work of all of our partners and colleagues.  

This program, designed for and with the RNC by TPC’s Brent Seaborn and Matt Knee, as well as Causeway Solutions' Bill Skelly, was the backbone of Republican efforts to regain superiority in the data space. Many major competitive races (and dozens of others) used this system, and it guided the RNC's voter contact efforts, resource allocation, metrics, and expectations.   








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January 14th 2015

Religion in Congress Compared to Regional Trends

With the arrival of the 114th Congress, new data was released describing the religious affiliations of its members. As the PEW report shows, 92% the members are Christian (57% as Protestant and 31% as Catholic). In terms of religious affiliation, most congressmen line up with their respective constituencies, but in greater percentages. For example, the Northeast has the highest percentage of Catholics than any other region (32%), and also the highest percentage of Catholic congressmen (57%). This PEW graphic below portrays this occurrence:


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TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a global energy company to help them identify and mobilize Long Island citizens in support of the development of a processing terminal off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

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In 2004, TargetPoint engaged with a United States Senate candidate who ran what many considered a “perfect” campaign for the United States Senate in 2002 – yet he came up a tiny handful of votes short.

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TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a Fortune 25 company to help them identify and mobilize senior citizens who agreed with the company’s stance on various issues for communication, education and motivation.

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