February 9th 2016

GOP Candidate Match-Ups

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio left Iowa as the leaders of the GOP field heading into today’s primary in the Granite State.  To keep and expand their leads, each candidate will be competing for key segments of the GOP electorate, and looking to bring over supporters from the other candidate’s camps.

We stacked them up against each other to help visualize this competition.



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February 5th 2016

Post Iowa Dynamics in Voter Preference

By Hovannes Abramyan, Data Scientist, TPC

On Monday, primary voting officially kicked off in Iowa. Considered by many to be the first real test of candidate viability—after months of hardcore campaigning and mobilization efforts—a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses usually provokes at least one candidate to end their quest for their party’s nomination. This year was no different. Three candidates—Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee—announced this week that they would be suspending their respective bids for the Republican nomination for president.

TargetPoint Consulting’s (TPC) latest Presidential Candidate Consideration (PCC) gives us an insight as to how this narrowing of the field will affect support for the remaining candidates.


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February 4th 2016

Polls: What They Should Tell You (But Usually Don't)

By Hovannes Abramyan, Data Scientist, TPC

Here’s a look at the most common polling approach, its relative value and deficiencies and an explanation of why TargetPoint Consulting’s (TPC) different approach – our Presidential Candidate Consideration (PCC) study – has so much value.

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January 28th 2016

TPC's Fifth GOP Presidential Candidate Consideration Poll

Results show a decrease in consideration since October, indicating GOP voters are beginning to narrow down their choices for the presidential nomination. 

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January 18th 2016

Polling Accuracy: How Can We Improve?

By TPC's Matt Knee, Director of Data Science and Kaylin Bugos, Research Analyst 


Polls have been under much debate and scrutinization during this election year, with many questioning the accuracy of the methodologies used.  


TargetPoint addresses this issue and explains why polls have been questioned and how history can improve accuracy.  



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TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a global energy company to help them identify and mobilize Long Island citizens in support of the development of a processing terminal off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

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In 2004, TargetPoint engaged with a United States Senate candidate who ran what many considered a “perfect” campaign for the United States Senate in 2002 – yet he came up a tiny handful of votes short.

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TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a Fortune 25 company to help them identify and mobilize senior citizens who agreed with the company’s stance on various issues for communication, education and motivation.

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