April 27th 2011

An Independent Congress

This week Resurgent Republic released the results of their most recent poll of the American electorate, and TargetPoint is proud to have once again helped visualize their data in their Independent Congress microsite.  

Our challenge was to find a meaningful, and compelling way to visualize...

An Independent Congress


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April 21st 2011

The State of The Tea Party

In today's Washington Times, Ralph Hallow looks at what the Tea Party's scaled back tax day activities say about the current state of the movement (link).  The political operatives and consultants interviewed for the article, including TargetPoint president Michael Meyers, agree that this definitely does not signify waning influence.  Instead:

The diminishing clatter of the tea party's cups is also the result of less trembling as the prospect of an all-Obama, all-the-time atmosphere appears a bit less threatening. "There are fewer tea party protests with less intensity because, with the GOP controlling the House, the fear about the worst elements of the Democrat's agenda has subsided," said Alexandria-based campaign consultant Michael Meyers.

For more insight into this, check out our study of the 2011 legislative agenda and our exit poll of Tax Day Tea Party rally attendees last year.

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March 7th 2011

The 2011 Political Landscape

In mid-December TargetPoint went into the field with a deep dive study of voter expectations and attitudes for the 2011 legislative agenda.  We focused on four key research questions:

  1. Has the ideological structure of the electorate changed given the fall's dramatic election?
  2. How might the brand images of Republicans and Democrats have shifted given the new political landscape?
  3. What are voters' hopes and fears for the 2011 legislative agenda?
  4. What is the state of the 2012 presidential primary field?

To help us answer these questions we tried to take an approach that was a little different from most post-election surveys.  Some of the items we examined included...

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January 27th 2011

GOP Must Reinvest in Turnout for 2012

Less than two years after being written off as all but extinct as a political party, Republicans posted historic midterm gains.  All who contributed from long time party stalwarts to newly energized Tea Party activists are to be congratulated.

However, 2012 will be very different and the elections of 2010 no more guarantee our success than 2008 guaranteed our doom.  Despite huge electoral gains Republicans, there is evidence that the victories were not based on a national partisan shift and still more evidence that Republicans, as a party, failed to maximize their advantage in the political environment.  If we are to win in 2012, we must continue to make common-sense arguments about the direction of our country and we must maximize every advantage when it comes to ground game and turnout efforts.

The most surprising data to many will be finding that Republican turnout, as a percentage of available Republican vote was lower in 2010 than in 2006...

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November 16th 2010

MicroTargeting on Ice

TargetPoint Consulting recently had the pleasure of working with Mike DuHaime and the New Jersey Devils to help them identify new fans and reach out to them with customized promotions.  The Wall Street Journal covered our efforts in the article, "Selling Tickets the New Jersey Way." 

Using the same MicroTargeting techniques we pioneered for political campaigns, we're helping to revolutionize the world of sports marketing as well...

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TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a global energy company to help them identify and mobilize Long Island citizens in support of the development of a processing terminal off the Eastern Coast of the United States.

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In 2004, TargetPoint engaged with a United States Senate candidate who ran what many considered a “perfect” campaign for the United States Senate in 2002 – yet he came up a tiny handful of votes short.

How can I find people to join a grassroots membership organization?

TargetPoint Consulting engaged with a Fortune 25 company to help them identify and mobilize senior citizens who agreed with the company’s stance on various issues for communication, education and motivation.

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