June 4th 2010

Personal Democracy Forum - Chart Wars

Watch TargetPoint VP give an updated version of his Chart Wars presentation to the crowd at 2010's Personal Democracy Forum, where he does a quick walk through of what he considers to be some of the best political visualizations of the last year...


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May 17th 2010

Who Does the Tea Party Support for President in 2012?

Now that the tea party movement has shown its teeth, everyone seems to be talking about its potential impact on the rest of this year’s elections.

But let's look further ahead to 2012. Using data from our Tax Day Tea Party exit poll, we can get a sense of who the tea party movement favors as a presidential nominee.

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May 13th 2010

Twitter as Pollster

Over at, I've got a piece that digs a little deeper into the recent study by Carnegie Mellon researchers that uses data from Twitter to approximate various measures of public opinion.  

In discussing the implications, I cover a fair amount of ground, but one part in particular merits special attention here on our pages...

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May 9th 2010

The Most Perfect of Them All - Part 2

Last year, following Mark Buerhle's perfect game, we put together a measure that allowed us to quantify and rank Major League Baseball's perfect games.  Now, with Dallas Braden's recent perfect game, we update the database to see how Braden's game measures up.

Braden's feat is still monumental and worthy of celebration - but compared to previous perfect games, Braden's pitching only put him as the next to last most perfect of them all, one step above Mark Buerhle's game last year which remains the least perfect of MLB's perfect games.  

The measure is a composite score of an adjusted pitch count and strikeouts.  Why?  Well, there are two paths to a truly perfect game...

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April 26th 2010

Tea Party Issues

The findings below are taken from our exit poll of attendees of the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington DC.  Full data and analysis can be found here, and you can take our quiz here to see how you measure up to the Tea Party.

Concern over taxes is overwhelmed by anger over healthcare reform and the growth of our debt and government; meanwhile social issues, especially gay marriage, are pushed to the bottom of the list.
  • The issues that engendered the highest levels of anger echoed the signs and speakers of the event:  healthcare reform (76% extremely angry), debt (74%), government intrusion into personal lives (73%), the growth of government (69%), bailouts (66%), and the stimulus (64%).
  • While 76% of Tea Party attendees are extremely angry about healthcare reform, just 13% say it is the issue they are most angry about.  Instead,

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