TargetPoint Consulting Welcomes Two Bright New Interns

By July 10, 2018To The Point

A degree in political science once suggested the eventual pursuit of a law degree or the desire to jump right into the heart of D.C. politics. However, survey methodology, data analytics, and statistical modeling methods are now necessary in the world of politics. Given the transferability of these skills to other fields, many pursuing a political science degree are choosing data-focused internships. TargetPoint’s (TPC) two new interns, Kathryn and Matt, are two of these individuals.

Kathryn will begin her junior year at Gettysburg College studying Political Science in the Fall. She enrolled in a statistical methods course last year and found the subject to be, “intriguing and interesting.” After taking this course, she realized that she would benefit from real world technical and data analytics experience. Prior to working at TargetPoint, she decided to intern at a small data analytics and consulting firm where she, “gained incredible insight into the importance of collecting strong, accurate, and clear data for professional purposes.”

Kathryn also has an appreciation for international travel and believes that there are important lessons to be learned from going abroad. She recently had the opportunity to travel to the Middle East where she learned how to analyze open-source intelligence and Middle Eastern media platforms. She noted that, “this experience deepened my interest in political science and foreign affairs.”

While at TargetPoint, Kathryn hopes, “to broaden and tighten my skills related to data analytics programming as well as polishing collaboration skills with fellow humans. I feel as though TPC is an excellent place for me to achieve these objectives.”

Matt has also noticed the shift to data driven politics. Matt got into data science while he was in college. He believes, “campaign politics is developing more-and-more into a data driven game and it is important to understand where the data comes from and how it is used.”

Matt recently graduated from the University of Georgia where he earned a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in History. While attending school, he worked as the Fundraising Director for the Republican Party. He spent last summer in D.C. as well, where he enjoyed working at the Republican National Committee in data science, specifically, Business Intelligence. He also enjoyed the opportunities he had through the Duke Talent Identification Program as a teaching assistant in Constitutional Law.

Matt hopes “to be able to influence others to have a positive impact on their country and community, despite their political affiliation. He believes, “this will hopefully mean a greater world for others.” While at TPC Matt hopes, “to develop a greater understanding of data analysis, whether that be through making models or reading crosstabs, and becoming more comfortable using statistical programs.”

As data continues to be the driving force behind good strategic decision making, TPC is always looking for bright minds to introduce to the field of research and analytics. Welcome to the team Kathryn and Matt!

TargetPoint Consulting is a public opinion research and data analytics firm that dives deep into voter and consumer opinion using the most cutting edge research and analytical approaches available. TargetPoint has been the foundation of Republican data success beginning in 2003 with our integration into the RNC’s data efforts. We’re proud to continue to serve as the analytical backbone for the RNC, as well as many of the largest organizations on the Right working to elect Republicans up and down the ballot. We count President’s Bush and Trump, many state and congressional elected officials, Fortune 500 companies, ballot campaigns and issue advocacy efforts among our abundant success stories. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in research and analytics, and have a knack for the political, visit our Career page to learn about current openings and opportunities.


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