TargetPoint Celebrates 15 Years!

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Fifteen years.

That’s right. This month TargetPoint Consulting celebrates fifteen years in business providing research and analytical insights to our clients. In addition to our company turning fifteen, we’re congratulating TargetPoint partners Michael Meyers and Brent Seaborn on their fifteen years of dedication to bringing innovative data solutions to their clients.

Target Points of Interest…

TargetPoint pioneered work in MicroTargeting. Looking back at the past fifteen years are stories from elections of all shapes and sizes, beating and winning ballot initiatives, advising our clients on best messages for their advocacy efforts, and targeting passionate supporters and activists around the country with the most precise tactics in big data.

In the past 15 months alone, we have generated more than 71 billion predictions and are on our way to generating over a 100 billion predictions by the end of the year.

During the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle we prided ourselves on the accuracy of the billions of predictions generated on behalf of the Republican National Committee, candidates and campaigns on the right. At that time, we estimated that our predictions could have filled over 5 Wikipedia’s worth of information. These scores powered the success of Republicans up and down the ballot and continue to serve as the foundation for GOP analytical success election to election.

Conservatively estimating, our now more than 71 billion new predictions means we could fill over 12 Wikipedia’s worth of information. Or, if you’re not an online information gatherer, and if our predictions were pages, we could fill the Library of Congress more than 9 times over with all of the books these data would create.

If our predictions were drops of water, we would overflow an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or fill about 8 of Cedar Point’s Soak City wave pools (or your local wave pool of choice). Depending on how high maintenance you are in the shower, these drops of water would generate enough water for you to take 45,000 showers – so pretty much every shower you and your neighbor take for the rest of your lives.

This is more than 568 gigabytes of data and growing every day. So since it takes about 1 gigabyte to power and receive 1000 emails – you’d have enough data here equal to 1,556 emails a day for the whole year. Thank god for do-not-disturb mode.

As we close this month, we mark a major milestone in the TargetPoint chapter book. We’re entering into the 2018 election cycle with a staff of more than 20 bright analysts and politicos ready to build on the successes of previous cycles and push the boundaries of what data can do. We thank you all for being part of the TargetPoint story, and look forward to continued success in this election and into 2020.



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