DNC: Comparing the Speeches

Last week, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention. Her most used words? Work, people, and America.

HRC 2016 Speech

Her most commonly used words sounded pretty familiar, so we compared them to Barack Obama’s acceptance speeches from 2008 and 2012 – and found some similarities.

DNC Speeches Comparison

Three of Clinton’s ten most used words – make, America, and work – were also in the ten most commonly used words by Obama in 2012. Country – Clinton’s fourth most used word, was also Obama’s third most used word in 2012 – but didn’t crack the top ten in 2008. Five of Clinton’s most used words – work, people,. America, country, and go – were also in Trump’s top ten most used words, which we discussed on this blog last week.

Obama’s 2012 speech may have been the most optimistic, with words like hope, forward, and together in his top ten most commonly used words. Clinton’s most used words were more neutral, with words like president, year and right also making it into her top 10.


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