Microtargeting And The 2014 Elections – Gop Steps Up To The Occasion

By November 7, 2014Expert Opinions

After the exciting results from Tuesday night, it is clear that the Republican Party has exceeded expectations in modern-day data mining and microtargeting. The National Journal’s article “GOP Pierces Democratic Monopoly on Technology, Targeting, and Voter Mobilization” analyzes the work of the Republican National Committee and other contributors to these advanced GOTV methods. TargetPoint is very excited and proud of all the work it has done with the RNC during this cycle and in contributing to the success of the party. The National Journal article provides a comprehensive “behind the scenes” look at how the RNC utilized the innovations created by the TargetPoint and RNC partnership. The Republican Party is adapting rapidly with this new technology, and looking back on November 4th, it has obviously paid off.

You can read the article here.

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