Stopping the Spread in Michigan

By July 10, 2020To The Point

In June of 2020, TargetPoint was commissioned to conduct a survey among 1,000 adults in Michigan measuring public opinion regarding the Coronavirus pandemic. The Detroit Free Press reported on the findings of the survey and you may read the article here. The following will highlight some of the findings specific to how Michiganders view the Coronavirus.

Michiganders Less Concerned About the Virus

40% of Michigan adults surveyed in June said they were less concerned about the virus than they were the month prior. Only 17% of those same adults indicated that they were more concerned. Although concern about the virus has waned, concern for the state of the economy remains high with 62% saying they are concerned about the economy remaining in a recession or entering a depression because of the pandemic. 71% also indicated they were concerned or extremely concerned about a potential second wave.

Moving Forward

DTE Energy Executive Chairman Gerry Anderson expressed his worry that Michiganders were not taking their role in stopping the spread of the virus seriously saying, “”We needed to come out and sound the alarm, and essentially say that, we, as a state, need to move now to prevent and reverse some of the trends we’re seeing, or we’re going to find ourselves predictably where other states have evolved to.”

In the time following the release of the survey results, MI For All launched a website, Facebook, and Instagram page called “Rona4Real” which encourages younger people to follow proper safety protocols and help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Another facebook page titled, “Be Responsible MI” was also created that helps point people to information on the best ways to avoid transmitting Coronavirus.


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