TargetPoint, Causeway and RNC Receive Award for GOTV

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Campaigns and Elections magazine recently awarded TargetPoint Consulting and Causeway Solutions the prestigious Reed Award in the category of Best GOTV execution for the GOTV Program in the 2016 elections. TargetPoint is very proud of this achievement and of the work of all of our partners and colleagues at Causeway Solutions and at the RNC.

In 2016, the GOTV efforts of the RNC were powered by a robust field program backed up with data-driven universes leading to unprecedented levels of success up and down the ballot. Had the field program existed without the data to back it up, or had the data program existed without the field staff to use it, the outcome of the 2016 elections could have been drastically different.


Throughout the cycle, the RNC worked towards the singular goal of laying the groundwork to elect Republicans at all levels. With that in mind, they were able to craft a GOTV program based on data and executed in the field that created a path to victory for all Republicans.


To set all Republicans up for success, the RNC realized it would need to focus on closing the gap of Republicans who have not yet “come home” for President Trump, as well as identifying Trump supporters who were not yet sold on down ballot Republicans. Using the Voter Scores Program, the RNC was able to identify exactly who these voters were as early as May of 2016 and execute for field efforts targeting this group throughout the remainder of the cycle – ensuring that voters who were most likely to ultimately pull a lever for a Republican were those that showed up to vote.


Employing over 6,000 field staffers in data-drawn turfs in 2016, the RNC had its largest field operation ever, enabling it to take the highly targeted universes created through Voter Scores and drive out the voters it needed to win.


Powered by Voter Scores, the RNC and Trump campaign turned what many were predicting to be a loss into unified control of the presidency, house, and senate, as well as 31 governorships and 67 of 98 partisan state houses. By creating a plan early in the cycle, believing in the data being generated by the Voter Scores program and executing a seamless operation between Field and Data, the RNC was able to run the most successful GOTV campaign in recent memory and provide the votes needed to secure victories up and down the ballot on Election Day.


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