Trump’s Plan for Infrastructure Investment is Broadly Popular

By February 6, 2017Uncategorized

According to recent research by TargetPoint Consulting, President Trump’s plan for rebuilding America’s infrastructure enjoys overwhelming support across the partisan spectrum, including 82% of Democrats. Only 9% of Republicans and 15% of Democrats oppose the Trump plan for infrastructure. Support is broad across all genders, ages, races, and income levels.

TargetPoint has scored support for infrastructure investment for every voter in the country, giving us the capability to analyze any demographic and geographic area, including the constituencies of each Member of Congress. We have found that support for the Trump plan forms a broad, bipartisan coalition. Of the 218 Congressional Districts that are the most supportive of new infrastructure investment, 162 seats are controlled by Republicans and 56 are controlled by Democrats. In the Senate, the coalition of 60 Senators from from the 30 most supportive states is comprised of 34 Republicans and 26 Democrats.

This map shows net support for President Trump’s infrastructure plan by congressional district. Overall, there are 55,426,516 infrastructure supporters in GOP controlled House seats and 40,972,088 in DEM seats. NY-15, the least supportive district in the country, still supports the Trump plan by a margin of +30. NC-11, represented by Rep. Mark Meadows, is the most supportive, along with many other districts across the Carolinas, Gulf Coast states, and California. Looking at the initial plan of proposed projects such as I-95 improvements in NC and rail construction in TX, President Trump will likely be able to engage with an enthusiastic coalition of supporters in these areas.

Darker green indicates higher net support for President Trump’s infrastructure plan.


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