TargetPoint Consulting President Michael Meyers Contributes to New Book

By October 18, 2016To The Point

TargetPoint’s own President and Managing Partner, Michael Meyers, contributes expert opinion about the use of microtargeting in elections in the newest edition of America, The Owner’s Manual: You Can Fight City Hall—And Win by Senator Bob Graham and Chris Hand. The book, designed to help citizens understand and engage in the political process, includes information about different public opinion strategies.

Meyers’ contribution highlights the use of market research and consumer history in identifying voter tendencies in 21st century campaigns—techniques that are crucial in helping campaigns and advocates market messages to constituents. He cites an example from the 2004 Hawai’i gubernatorial race, wherein Governor Linda Lingle was reelected with the assistance of microtargeting, which helped to reach inactive Republican voters and focus tailored messaging to diverse groups. By utilizing microtargeting techniques, “Governor Lingle not only survived a year that saw many Republicans turned out of office but also received the highest vote margin in the history of the state, winning 63 percent to 35 percent,” as Meyers points out.

“MicroTargeting informs, sharpens, and increases the efficiency of a campaign’s or cause’s direct citizen contact plans, allowing politicians or advocacy groups to send individually targeted messages delivered by the proper messengers,” Meyers says in the book. “MicroTargeting has undoubtedly changed the face of political campaigning and issue advocacy…. Used appropriately in a tight election or challenging citizen cause, it can provide the competitive edge you need to win.”

TargetPoint first used MicroTargeting strategy during the successful Bush-Cheney 2004 presidential campaign. Since then, TargetPoint has been involved in federal, state, and local campaigns, as well as issue advocacy and marketing strategy for numerous entities.




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