TPC Team Update-June 2019

By June 14, 2019To The Point

Over the last 16 years, TargetPoint has been devoted to providing the best possible service to our clients through a team of incredibly talented political and data analytics professionals. Doing so has required a tenacious effort identifying and recruiting the top talent in the industry. In that spirit, we are pleased to announce the addition of Molly Donlin as our new Director of Business Development. With over 15 years of experience, including stints with multiple Presidential races and with the RNC, Molly is uniquely qualified to lead TargetPoint into new markets while strengthening our core offerings and capabilities.

We are also pleased to announce the arrival of our summer interns, Sadie Slighting, Joe Soave, and Kelsey Pruitt; we hope you will take a few minutes to check out their backgrounds. With these latest additions, the future of TargetPoint is brighter than ever.

Molly Donlin
Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development at TargetPoint, Molly works with the entire team to identify and cultivate new business opportunities and strategic partnerships across the political, corporate, and advocacy spheres. Molly brings over fifteen years of experience in politics, strategy, and management to her role at TargetPoint.

Most recently, Molly served as the Deputy Chief of Staff at the Republican National Committee for the 2018 cycle. During both the 2014 and 2016 cycles Molly served as the Deputy Political Director at the RNC. In that role she managed the committees’ political budget, guided the day to day operations of the political department, and helped oversee the largest and most data driven political field team in the history of the committee. She worked closely with RNC, state party, and campaign leadership on messaging, strategy, and resource deployment that lead to historic victories in the House and Senate in both 2014 and 2016, as well as President Trump’s successful 2016 election. During the 2012 cycle, Molly served as the Florida State Director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign in both the primary and general election efforts. In addition to her work in Florida, Molly managed Governor Romney’s primary victories in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Molly has served in multiple State Victory roles throughout the country, including Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan and Wisconsin, and was part of the Florida team for Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 presidential primary campaign. Molly began her career in politics in 2004 at the Ohio Republican Party, serving as the 72 Hour Director in Hamilton County for President Bush’s reelection efforts. Molly will continue to deploy her expertise in leadership, messaging, and strategy in her new role here at TargetPoint.

Molly attended Xavier University where she majored in International Affairs and History and currently resides in Arlington, Virginia.

Sadie Slighting

Sadie is a student from Brigham Young University and Arizona native. A sociology major, Sadie is excited to use her data analysis skills to better understand and explain the political world. Sadie is excited to learn from expert professionals advanced modeling, data visualization, and survey design skills to combine her love of politics and data analytics. In her free time she enjoys exploring DC with her husband, playing the piano, baking cookies, and is on a mission to find the best ice cream on the East Coast.

Joe Soave

Joe is a Senior studying Political Science – pre-law at Michigan State University. Upon taking several political science classes and recognizing the vital role data plays in politics, he decided to dive into the field this summer. While interning at TargetPoint, Joe is excited to have the opportunity to take on challenges through projects with some of the industry’s most talented analysts, and enhance skills he currently possesses while also gaining new ones. In his free time, he enjoys going to concerts, being with his family, and cheering on the Spartans.

Kelsey Pruitt

Kelsey is from Roswell, Georgia and has lived in the metro Atlanta area all her life. She discovered her interest in politics during the 2016 election cycle and quickly changed her major to Political Science. While attending school, she gained experience working in Georgia state politics at War Room Strategies, a small, full-service political consulting firm in Athens, Georgia. She worked on a handful of campaigns at the local, state, and congressional level in the 2018 cycle. After interning at the firm, she became the Deputy Political Director and took on managing the office, the internship program, grassroots efforts for the campaigns, and assisting in voter modeling and targeting and polling. Aside from this experience, she also served as a Research Assistant on The Congress Project, a political science department initiative at UGA that is striving to create a model of the roll call generating process. Kelsey realized how important data is in modern day politics, and she hopes to gain new data and research skills during her internship at TPC. In her free time, Kelsey loves to do yoga, go to concerts, and cheer on the Dawgs on Saturdays in the fall.


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