The State of The Tea Party

By April 21, 2011Expert Opinions

In today’s Washington Times, Ralph Hallow looks at what the Tea Party’s scaled back tax day activities say about the current state of the movement (link).  The political operatives and consultants interviewed for the article, including TargetPoint president Michael Meyers, agree that this definitely does not signify waning influence.  Instead:

The diminishing clatter of the tea party’s cups is also the result of less trembling as the prospect of an all-Obama, all-the-time atmosphere appears a bit less threatening. “There are fewer tea party protests with less intensity because, with the GOP controlling the House, the fear about the worst elements of the Democrat’s agenda has subsided,” said Alexandria-based campaign consultant Michael Meyers.

For more insight into this, check out our study of the 2011 legislative agenda and our exit poll of Tax Day Tea Party rally attendees last year.

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