TPC’s SmartTarget Wins Reed Award

By February 1, 2010Expert Opinions

TargetPoint Consulting’s SmartTarget System Honored as Best Use Targeting Technology in 2009 Elections. 

The second annual Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine Reed Awards were presented last Friday at the  Washington Marriott where top political and public affairs professionals were honored.  “Becoming a Reed Award finalist is tough.  Actually winning a Reed Award is only accomplished by the most impressive creative political and public affairs talent in the world,” said Jordan Lieberman, publisher of Politics magazine.

TargetPoint was honored for its work on the Chris Christie Campaign for Governor and specifically for its new product, SmartTarget, designed to keep campaigns’ MicroTargeting dynamic and flexible by incorporating real time data into the creation of MicroTargeting universes.  For more information about how TargetPoint found “Date Daggett, Marry Christie Voters” see our prior blog post.

In addition to once again congratulating the Christie Campaign and the NJ GOP team for a job well done, TargetPoint also wishes to extend congratulations to all the winners and especially to those which TargetPoint has had the opportunity to work with over the past several years, including Matthew D. Parker & Associates and Winning Connections for phone work, Hackney and Hackney with multiple awards for their work on collateral material, newspaper, TV and radio ads, David All Group with several technology awards,Connell Donatelli for their work on the web and OnMessage, Inc for Toughest TV ad.

We also want to thank the judges for this year’s Reed Awards which included: James Carville, Eleanor Clift, Adam Conner, Ben Dworkin, Ron Faucheux, Julie Germany, Taegan Goddard, Peter Greenberger, Shane Greer, Mike Hennessy,  David Keene, Kevin Madden, Mark McKinnon, Bernie Morton, Terry Nelson, Grover Norquist, Christine Pelosi, Mark Penn, James Pindell, Tom Rath, Larry Sabato, Santo Santoro, Bill Schneider, Con Sciacca, Steve Scully, Bob Shrum, Michael Smerconish, Princella Smith, George Stephanopoulos, Roger Stone, Chuck Todd, Christine Todd Whitman, Robert Traynham, Joe Trippi, Mike Turk, Suzanne Turner, Amy Walter, Juan Williams, and Judy Woodruff.

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