Voters Overwhelmingly Support The Child Care Industry During Coronavirus Crises

By May 4, 2020To The Point

TargetPoint Consutling in conjunction with GQR was commissioned to conduct a survey by Save The Children Action Network (SCAN) and Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) highlighting the importance of child care and how the child care industry may be affected due to Coronavirus. SCAN has publicly released the results of these findings and you can view them here. You may also view a joint memo released by TargetPoint Consulting and GQR summarizing the results of the survey here.

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Federal Assistance For The Child Care Industry

8 in 10 Americans say that they would support the child care industry receiving targeted financial assistance from the federal government. We see this support strongest among minorities and millenials with 94% of African American voters, 90% of Hispanic voters, and 91% of millennial voters supportive of financial assistance for the industry

Who Is Our Audience?

This survey was conducted from April 11th– 15th, 2020 by TargetPoint Consulting and GQR. 1,200 interviews were conducted from a national sample of registered voters.


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